The latest addition to our inventory is a gorgeous 1960 BMW Isetta tricycle bubble car, recently imported from Northern Ireland.

This car will soon be for sale but is currently undergoing restoration. Check out the image gallery to the right for stunning before and after shots as we restore this beauty to its former glory.

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Watch out for our ads in Octane magazine!

We are excited to announce that we have continued to advertise our cars and the company through the renowned classic car enthusiasts’ magazine Octane. Be sure to pick up a copy at your local news stand, it’s worth a read!

The latest edition features our prized Ferrari 330 GTC in a close up shot and introduces the newest product in our lineup of services – fixed marketing solutions. For more information of this, see the “about” page.


You can find our advertisements on page 250 in the November edition and page 260 in the newly released December edition.

Octane Magazine

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Brexit and the weak pound

Without doubt, the outcome of the recent EU referendum has had a profound impact on the classic car and import market in the United Kingdom. However, the current exchange rate also presents a great opportunity for owners of classic left-hand drive vehicles to export their car to the EU mainland.

We are excited to announce that we are looking to purchase left-hand drive classics and modern classics, including light restoration projects, from their British owners. If you think you may own a vehicle of interest to us, feel free to give us a call for a valuation!

We can offer tailored solutions to left-hand drive car owners. Whether you are looking for us to sell your car abroad for you or whether you would prefer for us to buy your car – we’re here to help. However, in order for us to give you a competitive price for your car, we do ask that it fulfils the following requirements. The car should:

  • be roadworthy
  • have some paperwork / history
  • not be severely corroded or accident damaged.

Due to our experience and particularly high demand on the continent, we are particularly (but not exclusively) interested in modern classic BMW projects, such as E30s and E21s.

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Isetta Bubble Car Restoration

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